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Toshev & Boteva’s Government Contracts Group combines Toshev & Boteva’s litigation prowess with an extraordinary breadth of experience in government contracting issues. The group is built around a team of highly experienced lawyers who are familiar with all aspects of the government procurement process and who function in a collegial and highly cooperative manner. This enables Toshev & Boteva to respond quickly and seamlessly to meet the needs of our clients, both large and small, and to provide them with innovative solutions to complex government contracting issues.

Toshev & Boteva provides a full range of services to clients who conduct business with governmental entities, including representing clients in bid protests and contract claims. T&B Law Office also regularly advise clients on complying with the complex maze of regulations and contract terms applicable to entities conducting business with the government.

To meet the needs of our clients, Toshev & Boteva’s government contracts team also draws on the firm’s experience in related disciplines, such as international regulation and compliance, national security, intellectual property, antitrust and mergers & acquizitions. At the same time, Toshev & Boteva maintains a strong commitment to efficiency and respects the importance of realistic and achievable budgets that are consistent with our client’s goals.

Toshev & Boteva represents clients in the traditional aerospace and defense industries, as well as clients offering a broad array of other products and services to the government, including professional services, healthcare, information technology products and services, construction, telecommunications, transportation, digital security, public utility and energy efficiency services, engineering and project management services, office furniture and various other commercial products and services. Toshev & Boteva also represents clients, including non-profits and NGOs, on matters relating to grants and cooperative agreements, including compliance, BG and EU cost principles and requirements, audits and investigations.

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