The digital economy and the pandemic - opportunities, trends, projections

You don't need to be a dedicated expert or a personal shareholder in the digital economy, legal services, or trade, to be conscious about some essential trends in recent months, namely:

The smart contract industry in 7 intriguing forecasts, facts, and statistics

These are six especially powerful forecasts, facts, and statistics from the world of smart contracts, which will help you quickly get an idea of ​​the scope with which this technology is penetrating legal practice matters.

Popular smart contract platforms based on blockchain

As of 2020, the potential of smart contracts to optimize some legal and organizational business processes is no longer an abstract theory, but rather an ever-expanding current reality.

In which industries could smart contracts be employed, and how?

In this article, we will review several real-life examples of smart contracts' applications in order to understand what their role could be in the evolution of various industries.

Main differences between traditional contracts and smart contracts

Smart contracts are unquestionably one of the most intriguing applications of blockchain technology in the field of law.

How do smart contracts contribute to shaping next-generation legal services?

Recently, Toshev & Boteva Law Firm published the pilot material of a series of informative articles intended to shed some light on one of the most intriguing applications of blockchain technology - the so-called "smart contracts."

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