Antitrust & Competition

With legal network of 25 lawyers based in BG, the EU, Brussels, London, Toshev & Botevas’ team handles the full range of antitrust matters with an emphasis on:

  • Structuring and clearing mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures on a global basis
  • Unilateral conduct and abuse of dominance investigations
  • Civil antitrust litigation in the US and Europe – including class actions, opt-out litigation, and arbitration

Toshev & Botevas’s antitrust practice:

  • Provides client-centric solutions to companies, helping them to identify areas of possible exposure and manage the risk of government investigations and private litigation
  • Designs and conducts antitrust compliance programs tailored to the business needs of each client, including preparing antitrust guidelines, conducting antitrust audits and special investigations, and creating educational programs for corporate employees
  • Advises on emerging antitrust issues stemming from e-commerce, Internet platforms, big data, and artificial intelligence
  • Helps design strategic cooperation agreements and other business relationships with competitors, customers, and other industry participants in a compliant way
  • Provides counseling at the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust laws, including in relation to copyright licensing, standard essential patents, and trademarks.
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