Antitrust Litigation

Civil antitrust claims usually involve significant discovery, the threat of treble damages in the BG, UK, EU and other major jurisdictions, in some cases, the burden of defending a class action and claims in multiple jurisdictions or related investigations by enforcement authorities. Antitrust claims can also create leverage in business relations and between business rivals. With first-rate, first-chair litigation experience, Toshev & Boteva are able to meet these challenges head-on and successfully guide our clients through the defense and strategic use of antitrust claims.


Toshev & Boteva litigate successfully in domestic courts and through our network specialized lawyers across courts of the European Union, and national courts in EU member states, as well as in arbitral tribunals. In Europe, we have been increasingly involved in civil litigation matters before national courts. In private treble-damage class actions, Toshev & Boteva has long represented clients in cases brought under the domestic and EU antitrust laws. T&B Law Office also have extensive experience on class certification issues, consolidation of multidistrict cases, and other procedures governing litigation in the BG and EU.


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