What is IoT, and how can e-commerce benefit from it?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the framework for constituting a "smart world" - a reality made up of objects, devices, and infrastructure connected to the Internet and to one another, respectively.

What is the digital economy and how does it transform the world we live in?

The term "digital economy" or "web economy", originally mentioned by a Japanese professor of economics in 1990, encompasses all the economic, commercial, business and social processes built by and relying on modern digital technologies.

Blockchain technologies in healthcare - opportunities and perspectives

Blockchain is an innovative computer technology that is increasingly recognized because of its huge potential to accelerate, optimize and refine processes in almost every given area of modern industry.

International developments in digital currency – October 2018

International developments in digital currency - October 2018: Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, USA

Alibaba Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Developers of Cryptocurrency “AlibabaCoin” In Trademark Dispute

On Monday, October 22, 2018, Judge J. Paul Oetken of the Southern District of New York granted Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s (“Alibaba”) motion for preliminary injunction in a trademark action against several foreign-based promoters and developers of a new cryptocurrency called “AlibabaCoin.”

The dawn of crypto-asset regulation

The House of Commons Treasury Committee issued a report on its inquiry into the regulation of crypto-assets.

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