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Toshev & Boteva has a well-developed international and domestic project finance and infrastructure practice. Representing clients in a variety of industries, from construction and real estate, to energy generation and natural resource management, and telecommunications, our lawyers develop comprehensive, tailored solutions for domestic clients and across the globe and in some of the most challenging financial markets. Using the resources of T&B Law Office legal network around the world, we structure transactions that meet the business goals of our clients.

The lawyers on Toshev & Boteva's project finance and infrastructure development team handle matters that arise at every point of a project lifecycle, from the design phase through financing, permitting, completion, and operation. We recognize the complex legal and dynamic business environments in which our clients operate and take an integrated approach that encompasses numerous key practice areas.

Toshev & Boteva’s breadth and depth allow us to represent clients across a variety of industries, from construction and real estate to transportation, energy and pipelines, mining, blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms, digital security and telecommunications. T&B Law Office develop tailored solutions for clients in BG, EU and across the globe and in some of the most challenging financial markets, with particular focus on negotiation of private-governmental partnerships, project finance and other fundraising initiatives, litigation over proper financing and valuation issues. We handle all facets of developments and disputes for modernization and rebuilding of infrastructure and other physical assets at the local, state, national, and international levels.

T&B Law Office represent clients on deals that include:

  • Domestic and international financial institutions
  • Equity investors
  • Government entities
  • International development agencies
  • International financing agencies
  • Joint venture financing
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Project lenders
  • Venture capital providers
  • ICO's
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