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With several lawyers experienced in this area, Toshev & Boteva’s export controls team has extensive experience helping US and non-US companies cope and comply with US, UK, EU, and Chinese export controls regulations on the transfer of goods, technology, software, services, and information to foreign nationals and foreign destinations. Our BG team handles transfers of dual-use items.

Toshev & Boteva also assist clients with nuclear-related export controls administered by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and the BG Ministry of Energy. Our UK, EU, and China network lawyers work with the equivalent legal regimes and regulatory agencies in those jurisdictions, including, among others, the UK’s Export Control Organization (ECO).

Toshev & Boteva’s team understands the legal and policy considerations that affect export licensing decisions and the agency procedures that drive regulatory interpretations, decision-making, and enforcement. We routinely monitor regulatory and legislative developments, including in Sofia, London, Brussels, and Beijing. Our understanding of and experience with US and EU economic sanctions programs and the often-complex manner in which they overlap with export controls regulations enhances the value we provide to our clients.

Distinguishing features of Toshev & Boteva practice:

  • Counseling and Licensing: Toshev & Boteva quickly and efficiently assess potential hurdles in export transactions, evaluate alternatives, seek authorizations where needed, and identify potential license exceptions (including in the area of encryption) for clients.
  • Jurisdictional and Classification Assessments: T&B Law Office seek jurisdiction and export control classifications, including for commercial products and technologies that are increasingly used in the military and homeland security industries.
  • Internal Corporate Compliance: T&B Law Office help clients develop and implement compliance programs that protect against regulatory risks yet minimize disruption of business operations.
  • Experience with Cutting-edge Issues: T&B Law Office handle some of the most difficult areas of changing export control laws, including encryption technology regulation, e-commerce transactions, cryptocurrencies, deemed exports, cybersecurity, intra-company transfers within multinational entities, merger and acquisition due diligence, and global supply chain issues.
  • Investigations and Enforcement: T&B Law Office conduct internal audits, internal investigations, and voluntary disclosures to regulatory agencies.
  • Cross-Border Capabilities: T&B Law Office have a rare ability to provide clients seamless export control, customs, and sanctions assistance across multiple jurisdictions, drawing on the experience of our affiliate lawyers network in London, Brussels, and Beijing who each bring different competencies to the table. Additionally, Toshev & Boteva’s affiliate network offers global reach in nearly every major jurisdiction.
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