Media, Social & Sport

Toshev & Boteva's long-term strategic focus has been on industries that are being disrupted by technology. As a Bulgarian law firm deeply connected with our international legal network, and surrounded by BG, EU, UK, US, Israel and China first class practices in intellectual property, data protection, technology, dispute resolution, corporate and other disciplines key to our clients, our media, entertainment and sports lawyers are genuinely proud of the expert knowledge, deep sector insight and outstanding service we provide.

The team includes a number of dedicated sports specialists who work exclusively on sports-related matters. Recognized as a market leaders for several years, we are currently the only law firm aiming to explore and use the blockchain technology in favor of the sports sector.

In media, Toshev & Boteva responding to the paradigm shift being experienced first-hand by our clients with innovation and change of our own. Drawing on the firm's long heritage in working around the world with technology-oriented businesses, we're now focussing like never before on making sure we are best-placed to support businesses across the media sector, throughout the content creation and distribution chain, and around the world. Whether you're in TV, film, social media, digital commerce, gambling, news, sports, data, entertainment, media technology, a rightsholder, an agency, talent, a financier, a brand owner, and whether you've just had a great idea or are running a global business, we think you'd find our media specialists unusually insightful and refreshingly dynamic in evaluating and improving a number of use cases.


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