Tax disputes

Toshev & Boteva will always work with our clients to resolve contentious issues before they reach the stage where litigation is necessary. We also use both formal and informal mediation and ADR instruments to resolve tax disputes, either seeking to avoid litigation by agreement or narrowing down the facts and issues which can then be litigated more effectively. If these routes do not resolve the dispute, Toshev & Boteva is able to act on our clients' behalf in all forms of tax litigation, including the tax appeals system, references to the Court of Justice of the European Union and judicial review of tax authority behaviors.

Toshev & Boteva regularly undertake the following tax dispute resolution work:

  • Litigation of direct and indirect tax and duty liabilities or claims
  • Handling factually complex disputes and litigation arising from supply chain tax frauds (e.g. MTIC, alcohol and ADD circumvention)
  • Tax authority litigation of tax avoidance schemes
  • Taxpayer challenges to Follower and Advanced Payment Notices
  • Tax driven insolvency and director's disqualification proceedings
  • Judicial review of the tax authority's behavior.


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