How do smart contracts contribute to shaping next-generation legal services?

Recently, Toshev & Boteva Law Firm published the pilot material of a series of informative articles intended to shed some light on one of the most intriguing applications of blockchain technology - the so-called "smart contracts."

What are smart contracts, and how exactly do they function?

What are smart contracts? A smart contract is a kind of legal arrangement between two parties that is generated in the form of computer code

Concerning lawyer's mental health (Part 1)

Mental health in Bulgaria is still a taboo. The reasons for this are maybe rooted in the culture of our people from centuries ago, when the khans had to be as close as possible to the image of God, perhaps in the fear of today's people to be rejected by society, and mostly because of the fear from looking weak.

Employing blockchain to protect intellectual property

Over time, Toshev & Boteva Law Firm has continually been trying to communicate the massive variety of potential benefits that blockchain technologies could produce for different industries, including the private, the public, and the business sector.

Artificial intelligence as a basis for major breakthroughs in the scientific field

Artificial intelligence, along with blockchain and the Internet of Things, is among the most advanced computer technologies, having the potential to constitute a radical transformation of the way humanity evolves in the twenty-first century.

How do Chinese authorities use blockchain to fight the coronavirus outbreak?

The global informational and digital connectivity grants instant access to relevant information about the coronavirus and the extent of its impact on people from all over the world.

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