Energy Digitalization

The energy industry is changing in profound and permanent ways. Renewable energy and CO2 reduction have triggered a profound need for digital transformation of the energy sector.

While people are still figuring out whether to call or spell this phenomenon energy digitalization, digitalization, digitization or digitization, energy 4.0 or energy digital transformation, it is a disruptor, both on the commercial and the legal side. At the same time, the digital transformation of the energy world provides plenty of opportunity beneficial interaction between technology and the energy industry.

As a BG and EU leaders in renewable energy, Toshev & Boteva can help you capitalize on the enormous opportunities and challenges that digital transformation and digitalization provide. Present business models and legal concepts are under review. Digitalization will further accelerate and intensify change in an industry that has already been transformed by increasing renewable energy in the grids.

Beyond the energy sector, Digital Transformation, "Industry 4.0" or "Awakening of the Data Economy" are key issues, describing a rapid and profound transition of our economic life.

We provide legal guidance to an energy industry that is facing political, technological and regulatory challenges. We can help you to not only choose the right legal and regulatory approach, but to benefit from them.

Toshev & Boteva’s advice extends beyond purely legal. We provide you with comprehensive guidance, whether you're in generation, transmission, distribution, storage, consumption, trading, retail, or services.

For this, Toshev & Boteva can build on both “traditional” energy sector knowledge, leading renewable energy expertise as well as cutting edge technology and communications sector experience.

Toshev & Boteva works with you to question conventional legal and energy wisdom. We help you to harness the power of digital transformation so that you can deliver a secure, affordable, consumer-friendly, efficient and environmentally sound energy supply well into the digital future.


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